Iofod supports Flutter 3.0 project generation

Google I/O 2022 recently released flutter 3.0 with many updated features. iofod team finally made IFstruct parser support for generating flutter 3.0 code after more than a week of work! The current situation Flutter has attracted many developers with its high development and delivery efficiency, good development experience, excellent cross-site multi-platform capabilities, and strong UI presentation, … Read more

Low-code Talk Series

Introduction Do you know an average company spends $3.61 per line of hand code for technical maintenance? An average application requires 300,000 lines of code. The technical debt that the company pays to maintain such an application costs a whopping $1,083,000 per application. Even if your company can afford such an amount, software developers are … Read more

A user friendly platform for building websites and web apps

iofod slogan

It is no longer needed to have coding experience to proceed with developing websites and web applications. That’s because there are some innovative and user-friendly website and web application developing tools available out there. Iofod is a perfect example for such a platform. Iofod provides a visual interface and a lowcode experience, which anyone can … Read more


Ladies and gentlemen, our blog is up and running as of today! Our Mission Create a universal lowcode development platform that empowers everyone to build applications easily and efficiently. If iofod’s mission resonates with you, say hello!